We come together and sing Gospel Music in the African American Tradition


For more than 35 years

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Genre - African American Gospel Music

Company Overview
Inspirational Sounds Gospel Choir  bringing the good news of Love and Grace to the World.

We are a Community Choir of all religious backgrounds and ethnicity that comes together via Music Arts.

We come together and Sing Gospel Music is the African American Tradition


 Founding date In September 1983 by John Gainer -

 Now Under the Direction of :  

Kathy Vrzak, Choir Director

  Chris Stubbs, Music Director  


General Information

 Rehearsal Location:  

            Northwood Christian Church                                       

                              2425 Harvest Lane                                        

 Springfield, Oregon  

Rehearsal Time: 7:pm-9pm  every Monday evening  

📷  We Welcome All New Members Anytime  

Auditions Required


We strive to bring about unity among various racial and ethnic constituents of our community through the performance of African - American Gospel Music, sharing a message of Faith, Hope, and Charity. We present Gospel Music as a fine arts project.

Creative Leadership

Board of Directors

Book us: Carol Texley, Business Manager

Donate: Kathy Vrzak, Treasurer

Listserv: Sydney Kissinger, Secretary

Info: Marilyn Reed, President 

or Paulette Ansari, Vice President

Inspirational Sounds is a non-profit,  music and performing arts organization whose mission is to promote the heritage of African-American gospel musical traditions, which are rooted in American music. Inspirational Sounds implements its mission by utilizing professional art productions and educational tools to increase awareness and engage diverse community members in the arts.  Its programs also aim to teach gospel singing and music to bring about unity among various racial, ethnic, and cross-generational constituents of our community. Organization membership includes singers from Eugene, Springfield, Veneta,  and Corvallis. The group is a unique gospel choir because it includes a large percentage of non-African Americans but still retains a traditional Black gospel choir sound. The choir encourages audiences to become involved, joining them in clapping, shouting, singing, and celebrating.

The group is well known throughout the state of Oregon for its energetic renditions of gospel music and is often featured at Martin Luther King Day celebrations in Portland and Eugene.

Our income comes mainly from membership dues, performances and donations. An occasional  choir garage sale in the spring is great fu We are most grateful to our community , private donors, for their generous support. Scholarships are available and dues set on a sliding scale allow persons at every income level to participate fully in choir activities. We are incorporated as a 501(C)3 non-profit public charity. Our corporate structure is a Board of Directors consisting of 10 elected officers. Decisions are made at the Board's regularly held business meetings where we ensure everyone is heard and arrive at solutions together. 

We are open for new members during the month of September and throughout the year. Rehearsals begin each new season the Monday after Labor Day. Our season ends in June.

We have auditions or try-outs.

• We welcome singers at all levels of experience and skill, and people from all backgrounds. Must be at least 18 years old.

• Our tradition is open and democratic. We hold monthly business meetings of the Board of Directors on the third Monday after rehearsal.

• Our director does music; choir administration and chores are undertaken by members of the Board of Directors.

We expect our members to regularly attend rehearsals, spend some time outside of rehearsal on the music, help us in some way with choir tasks, participate in performances as able, and, in general, bring your good heart and gift of song in support of unity through the performance of African-American Gospel Music while sharing a message of faith, hope, and charity.  

• Monthly dues are $30 per month.

• Full or partial scholarships are available upon request. We strongly feel that anyone should be able to participate irrespective of their financial situation.

Spirit of the Loving God

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Jesus is the Light of the World

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Mighty Mighty Good Thing To Give Thanks Unto the Lord

Mighty Mighty Good Thing

Lead Vocalist,

Mr. Chris Stubbs

Music Director

Ready, Willing and Able

Ready, Willing, Able

Lead Vocalist, 

Mrs. Kathy Vrzak

Choir Director

He is Just a Prayer Away

He is Just A Prayer Away

Lead Vocalist, 

Mr. Jerry Vrzak


Say the Word

Say the Word - I wanna be Born Again

Lead Vocalist,

Mrs. Marilyn Calkins Reed

Choir President

Do You Know The Light Of the World

Jesus is the Light of the World

Lead Vocalist,

Mr. Chris Stubbs

Music Director

I Love to Praise his Holy Name

I Love to Praise Him

Lead Vocalist,

Mrs. Yvonne Stubbs


I know the lord will make a way

I know the Lord will make a way, OH .......YES HE WILL

Lead Vocalist,

Ms. Roxy Blankenbeckley